Friday, July 29, 2011

The Critter Place NEEDS YOUR HELP!

The Critter Place is a private sanctuary, located in Weeki Wachee, FL that provides a safe haven for neglected, abandoned, and abused animals.

For the past 23 years they have taken in animals in need without question, but now do to a recent job layoff, the fourth one in the past three years, The Critter Place desperately needs your help to continue to care for the animals that call this beloved sanctuary their home.

Because I strongly believe in the work that The Critter Place is doing for these animals in need, I have started a Chip In with a goal to raise $500 for them. Every little bit helps, and the animal appreciate it more than you know.

These animals have been through far to much in their lives to have to loose their home now. Please open up your heart, and show these animals that some people really do care by donating to The Critter Place today.

The animals Thank You. :)

Meet some of the now safe, happy, and healthy residents of The Critter Place
and read their not so happy stories.

Unwanted and headed to slaughter.

Saved from a kill auction.

Pork Chop!
Not "cute" any more.

Homeless and Unwanted.

Pom Pom, Nada, and Ducky 2!
Were going to be destroyed because they didn't sell.

Starving and lonely.

Deformed and unsell-able.

Bait pig for hunting dogs.

Family moved to an Assisted Living facility.

Sasha (dog) and Buster (cat)!
No longer wanted by their families.

The Chickens!
Were going to be destroyed because they didn't sell.

Thank You for your help!!! :)

For more information about The Critter Place click on the links below.


  1. When I was a kid, I called croutons "pork chops" Don't ask why, I guess I thought it was an appropriate name for them. I didn't know what actual pork chops were. I can see how children are coerced into the meat eating culture. I had no idea that pork chops were pigs. Probably because they don't tell children, hey you're eating a pig. The animal on the plate is disguised. So to me, that pig's name will make me think of croutons!

  2. Poor little pork chop was about to be thrown on the side of the road until The Critter Place rescued her. Apparently she wasnt little and "cute" enough for her previous owners who thought they were getting a trendy little pot belly pig. :(

  3. Poor girl. I'm glad they saved her :)

  4. i agree with you PJ about food being named things to disguise what it really is. I think we should call it what it is, why sugar coat the death of an innocent animal to make it appetizing.

  5. I can't believe they use pigs as bait for huntings dogs. :(

  6. Skiddles looks like a good hug candidate and Snowflake - the feather feet are so cute!

    I like going to the local rescue to, the stories are sad but they are so happy now and it makes me amazed at how strong animals are.