Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blessings in disguise? Fred and CC

Do you believe in fate? Have you ever been in the right place at the right time, to change the life of another? I'm finally starting to believe that somethings are just "meant to be", and that many of my hardships are just blessings in disguise...

It all started when I responded to a Facebook post about a cat who needed a foster ASAP or he would die. I received a phone call soon after I offered to help and was told that the cat was safe, another rescue had pulled him. I was super excited and relived, because I really had no business trying to pull cats from another county when my own county was in such desperate need. The lady I spoke to took it upon herself to tell me that there were 2 other cats that needed commitment with in the next hour, or that they would be killed, she even texted me their photos... I was pretty upset that she put me on the spot like that and I told her that the only reason why I offered to take the other cat was because my mother agreed to foster him for me...  and there was no way that I could take 2 cats. I told her that I usually just deal with feral cats who need to be TNR'd (Trap-Neuter-Return) or relocated, or kittens born to feral moms. She told me that the 2 cats were feral cats, and relocation was what they needed. I agreed to take them, but I made it VERY clear that I could ONLY do so if they were feral cats, because I didn't have a place for 2 friendly indoor cats to go.

When I met her to pick up the cats, she told me how they were both super friendly, and how I shouldn't have a problem adopting them out... I was stunned, and told her that I couldn't take them... they were supposed to be ferals... that was our agreement. She played dumb and acted like she forgot, and told me that if I could just keep them through the weekend, she would take them back, she had another lady that could foster them.

Well, I think you know where I'm going with this... She stuck me with the cats!!! Not only that but the poor female cat (CC) was a bag of bones, full of fleas and ticks, and had diarrhea so bad that she couldn't control it, which meant lots of money out of my pocket and multiple trips to the vet. The male cat (Fred) had a severe yeast infection in his ears and was FIV positive, so it took allot of extra time to find him a home with a person that understood that FIV is not a death sentence, and that he deserves to live just as much as any other kitty out there.

Long story short... another rescue took CC, but even though Fred is a major love muffin and a super awesome cat, it still took me 5 months to get him adopted out because of his FIV. Do I regret saving the lives of these 2 precious souls? No! Absolutely not! I love them to pieces and I'm very grateful to have met them.

Some things are just meant to be! :-)

Fred making "air biscuits" :)

Fred the lover boy!

Loukas and Fred
My favorite pic!

Fred goes up for adoption! :)
He's making biscuits as usual.

Poor baby was so skinny. :(

CC is a sweet girl.

Who could resist that face?
Apparently not me...


  1. I thought you were gone for good! So glad to see you back. :)

    The kitties are adorable. <3

  2. Sad story about the lady that made you take them but glad you got them adopted! They look like sweeties.