Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan MoFo, Pre-K Style!

Today I volunteered with the pre-kindergarden kids at a local elementary school as part
of their Community Helpers Program. I made about six dozen pumpkin shaped sugar cookies and four different colors of icing at home, all vegan of course. I also picked up some chocolate chips, gum drops, raisins, and different colored sprinkles to decorate
the cookies with.

There were three tables of children, so I gave each table four different colors of icing in piping bags, a bowl of raisins, chocolate chips, gum drops, and some sprinkles. I gave each child one large pumpkin cookie and three small ones. I showed them a quick example of how to use the piping bag and then let them go to town with their own creativity. The teachers and I supervised the process and help pass the piping bags and sprinkles around. Surprisingly there wasn't any fighting over supplies. The kids shared everything, helped each other out, and had a blast. I was very impressed at how well behaved they were.

I'm not sure about the proper etiquette of posting pictures of children online without their parents permission, so to be safe, I just put black bars to hide their identity. It kinda makes me laugh, like it's a collage of pre-k criminals. ;)

Vegan MoFo Pre-Kindergarden Style!

This little girl told me in great detail what she is going to be for Halloween, a Spider Witch!
In case you are wondering what a Spider Witch is, "she is a very scary witch who has a very scary pet spider that crawls up her arm... very very scary and spooky!"

This kid cracked me up with all the icing on his face.

Vegan Sugar Cookies are kid approved!

Icing... nom, nom, nom

I made a cookie collage of some of their work.
It makes me smile and wonder what my cookies would have looked like at this age, I'm thinking they would have been a beautiful disaster, just like these!

My favorite part of the day was when the kids surprised me with drawings of cats that they made for me for my birthday, which is Sunday. It totally made my day, the drawings are so cute. I can't wait to share them with you, but I need some time to scan them all, so hopefully I'll have them up for yall to see in a day or two.

Today was definitely a day to remember. :)

Have you ever done food projects with children?

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  1. Oh man, that looks like so much fun! I love little kid art projects (edible or not), they always crack me up.

    My 2 year old likes to "help" in the kitchen and sometimes I make cookies with him. I put all the ingredients in little bowls ahead of time and let him dump things together and stir. It's super messy and super fun and I wish we could do it every day.

  2. My nephew likes to frost sugar cookies, and then dump on piles of sprinkles--sugar rush!

  3. I love baking with my kids -- sometimes the results aren't quite what we expected but it's always fun.

  4. So cute! And it's amazing that the entire class is in the witness protection program.

  5. Too damn cute! I would love to do this with my secondary students... I wonder how old is too old? There has to be an art/food crossover!