Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Days, 7 Zombie Cats! Day 5 - Vivian

It's Day 5 of my 7 Days, 7 Zombie Cats series, and Today I'd like to introduce you to... Vivian!

Day 5 - Vivian
a.k.a. Aunt Viv, Biv Biv, Viv

Age: unknown???

Turn-Ons include:
  • Cleaning herself obsessively.
  • Pulling her own hair out.
  • Talking.
  • Running into the bathroom EVERY TIME anyone goes in there.
  • Sitting on the porch shelf.
  • Smacking other cats while they are eating.

Turn-Offs include:
  • Being picked up.
  • Having the door shut if she is on the porch.
  • When other cats look at her.

Vivian's Story
Vivian showed up at our doorstep during a rain storm in the summer of 2008. She looked really scared and smelled like someone's house, so I figured that she was lost and that I would be able to find her home after the storm had passed. So I brought her in to dry off, get some food, and gave her a comfortable place to sleep for the night. But after a few weeks went by and nobody claimed her, I knew there wasn't much hope in me finding her home.

Vivian spent her days sitting in the window watching the birds and squirrels. It was almost like she wasn't even there, she was no trouble at all which was great because I was super stressed, and had to turn my focus to a sick little kitten that I will be telling you about tomorrow... hint, hint... So Vivian stayed, and we are glad she did. She's a non stop talker, fun to watch, and we love her crazy quirky ways.


You know the drill! Come back tomorrow for more Zombie Cats. Wanna know who is next? Here's a hint... HE is the only BOY in the house. ;)


  1. awww...Vivian is so pretty. I can't imagine no one claiming her. Sounds like she got lucky in finding you! :o)

  2. Vivian is so cute, what big eyes she has. I get such a kick out of the turn ons & turn offs.... She does not like it when other cats look at her?! Haha... funny kitty.