Saturday, April 9, 2011

7 Days, 7 Zombie Cats! Day 6 - Mr. Balls

It's Day 6 of my 7 Days, 7 Zombie Cats series, and that means it is time to meet Mr. Balls, the only boy of my crew. Everybody asks, "Why is his name Mr. Balls?"... well that's the first thing I called him when I picked him up and saw his little man berries... and all though his man berries are long gone, his name still remains Mr. Balls. Maybe it should be changed to Mr. "No" Balls, but... what fun is that?... =D

Day 6 - Mr. Balls
a.k.a. Ballsie, Bubba, Balls Balls, Boyfriend

Age: 2 (will be 3 in August)

Turn-Ons include:
  • BAGS!!!
  • Laying under rugs.
  • Laying under the couch.
  • Being annoying to every cat in the house.
  • Strangers. (yes, he loves strangers)
  • Sucking on soft blankets.

Turn-Offs include:
  • Being picked up by daddy.
  • kittens.

Mr. Balls' Story
Loukas and I were on our way home on a sunny day in September of 2008, when we saw two young boys running down the road and what appeared to be a small Chihuahua dog chasing them. Being the crazy animal person that I am, I told Loukas to slow down so I could tell them that they need to pick up their puppy so he doesn't run into the road, when I realized that it wasn't a puppy, it was a small kitten chasing them, screaming his little head off, while they ignored him. We stopped, got out of the car, and I asked them if that was their kitten. They told me no, and said that he came out of the ditch and started chasing them and crying, but that if they brought him home their mom would be mad. I looked down at the poor little kitten who was skin and bones, just sitting there screaming at me in desperation, and I told Loukas to get the cage, because a crazy cat lady like myself isn't fully equipped unless she has a cage with her at all times right? ;)

I picked him up and bloody diarrhea came pouring out of his little skinny body. I put him in the cage and we rushed him to the Vet to get checked out. He was full of every parasite and bacteria imaginable, dehydrated, and starving. The Vet prescribed him tons of medicine, food supplements, and told me to isolate him, and that it was going to take a long time to get his digestive track back in to order. Oh great!... how was I gonna find him a home in this condition.

It took about 6 months to get him over the diarrhea, and he still has spells every now and then, of course that means that I was afraid to adopt him out and risk someone dumping him because they didn't want to scoop some extra poop. So here he stays, safe with me, the six member of the zombie cat crew, and my little buddy. He never really grew into his manliness because of all the problems he had early on, he stayed pretty small and most people assume he is a girl, but he is not, he is my little man, and I love him to pieces.

Mr. Balls

See ya tomorrow! =^.^=