Tuesday, April 5, 2011

7 Days, 7 Zombie Cats - Day 2, Molly

It's Day 2 of my 7 Days, 7 Zombie Cats series, and that means it's time to introduce you to my second zombie cat... Molly!

Why do I call my cats zombie cats? Because, when the zombie apocalypse happens, cause it's gonna happen. ;) I'm not gonna be just another jerk who leaves their furry friends behind to die, they are coming with me, and if they get bit, well then, they will become my zombie cats and I'll love them all the same. At which point I imagine that they will start eating plants, at least that's how it all goes down in my mind, you know because people eat plants now, or at least us cool people do, and if we get bit by a zombie, we suddenly crave brains! Therefore since cats eat meat now, if they get bit they will crave plants, especially carrots I'm told. So if I train my kitty friends to act like zombie cats now, we might be able to trick the real zombies into believing that they are in fact a crew of zombie cats roaming the streets in search of plants. =D

Now back to Molly...

Day 2 - Molly
a.k.a. Fat Molly, Molly Paws, Mahi-Mahi, Mals Mals Malertons,
and the list goes on...

Age: 8

Turn-Ons include:
  • Laying on shoes, books, purses, and the remote.
  • Laying on anything else that you set on the floor.
  • Laying on her back.
  • Laying in her basket.
  • Canned Pumpkin.
  • Tofurkey.
  • Hanging out with her best friend/sister, Chicken.

Turn-Offs include:
  • Fluffy Butt.
  • A clean floor with nothing to lay on.
  • Getting her butt cleaned.

Molly's Story
Kitty and I moved into to our first apartment around June of 2002 and we were looking for a new furry friend to join us. We knew if we asked and waited long enough, the universe would bring us a new friend who was in need of a home. We were finally answered in November of that year, when the same friend of mine who found Kitty 5 years earlier, found Molly laying on the side of the road not far from my apartment. He stopped his car expecting her to run off, but she didn't, she just laid there without a care in the world, and let him pick her up, put her in the car, and bring her to me. She was also a kitten, only about 8 weeks old.

Kitty and I were delighted to welcome her into our little family. She fit in perfectly and still does. She celebrated her 8th birthday in October of last year, so this year she will turn 9. It's still hard for me to believe that she has been with us for so long. She is my laid back sweet fat girl and there is no one else like her.


Stop back by tomorrow for Zombie Cat number 3!


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  1. Awwww Molly, what a sweet girl! Love the zombie senario! You are a crazy girl Amber - that's so awesome! So what's up with Fluffy Butt being on everyone one's turn off list?

  2. haha... well despite that sweet innocent face... Fluffy Butt is a real b*@ch to my 3 original cats. Anyone that was here before her, she hates. But she is ok with the 3 that came after her... its so weird. But she loves all people like crazy. And I just gave you a hint as to who is on day number 4. =D

  3. I LOVE MOLLY!!! I also like Party Hat Molly. Is she a Libra, like you and I?